Monday, June 11, 2007

5-June Rock n Roll

Some of the acts this week- Ben Davis; Steffan Peddie; Ging; Sean Mcloughlin.

Al introduced Ben Davis, who got the ball rolling with tales of his failing love life. He knew she was too posh for him when she sliced fruit onto her cereal. Steffan Peddie popped in to give us some new material. The fun of lying to kids - 'Horses eat people!' - then taking them to Heartlepool and seeing the amazement when they find out the story about them hanging the monkey was actually true!

In part two we saw first timer Brian Errick, a fine musician trying his hand at comedy songs for the first time. A promising start, though sometimes we couldn't quite make out the funny lyrics under the impressive guitar playing.
Next up was Ging the Mirthiless. Ging is still working on his unique approach to comedy, which today consisted of walking onstage, sitting down, having a fag, and waiting until the novelty wore off.

Sean McLoughlin stuck to the rock n roll theme and wondered where today's rock heros are. In the 60's was Keith Moon, we've got Jamie Theakston. Last up was was Jobie, possibly our youngest performer ever. He actually knows someone called 'Dirty Sanchez' and he lived up to the name - when someone suggested playing the dubious 'biscuit game' Sanchez had one question,'What Kind of biscuit?'

The competition was Rock n Roll animals. Pete's example was the Led Zep classic 'Whole Otter Love' - which didn't sound that good until he returned to the stage with the tune blaring and a picture of an otter, proving that the song was now ruined for all present. But inspired by such antics we had a bumper crop of top suggestions...

Aerosmith - Love in an alligator.
The Smiths - Shark lifters of the World / This Charming Manatee.
Simply Red - Holding back the ears.